GlomCon Crowdsourced Learning Initiative

The GlomCon video web conferences are already well known for their unique and interactive style of providing lectures based on available evidence. The Case-Based Discussions, the GlomCon Interactive Fellows’ Curriculum, and the Nephropathology Essentials are all intertwined to create a coherent didactic curriculum on key clinical and pathological concepts in glomerular kidney disorders.

The GlomCon Crowdsourced Learning Initiative aims to leverage these lectures to provide guided notes based on the lectures themselves. These notes provide a complementary and independent source of information.

Aligned with the open access nature of GlomCon, this initiative aims to enable interested viewers to create lecture notes for the broader nephrology community in a crowdsourced manner.

Here is how it would work

A GlomCon editor creates a Google Doc for each of the GlomCon lectures. Anyone interested in contributing and enhancing the content can add additional information or suggest edits to these docs (the document becomes a Crowdsourced Lecture Note).

The editor of a given Crowdsourced Lecture Note will review and accept edits. Any suggestions/edits that are incorporated will automatically become a co-author of the Crowdsourced Lecture Note. Additional teaching points, didactic materials, and references may be added to complement the lecture-driven notes. Prolific authors and contributors with strong interest and commitment to medical education are encouraged to join our editorial team.

Professors and speakers from the lectures will have access so that they may change or edit these at any time as well.

The goal is to create a crowd based (grassroots) learning platform for anyone to add or read notes on the topics presented during the lectures or during the interactive GlomCon conferences anywhere and at any time. In this way, it can augment GlomCon’s goal of placing a didactic curriculum into the context of live cases by providing yet another way to interact with these lectures in ways that incorporate the entire GlomCon community.

We invite nephrology/nephropathology enthusiasts to join this initiative. If you are interested in becoming one of the editors and creating one of the Google Docs for the lectures, please reach out to Dr. Anthony Provenzano at [email protected]

Dr. Anthony Provenzano is currently a nephrology fellow at Duke University Medical School, and an Editor of GlomCon’s Crowdsourced Lecture Notes. He completed his residency at the University of Vermont. His clinical interests include vascular access and POCUS.

He joined the GlomCon conferences during his residency training and started using Google Docs to create lecture summaries to enhance his learning goals. In the spirit of the open access nature of GlomCon, he made his notes openly accessible to the public and enabled simultaneous editions by the community. With this, he introduced the concept of GlomCon’s Crowdsourced Lecture Notes and is currently leading this initiative at GlomCon


  • Crowdsourced note materials from each lecture

  • Change and edit with references as much or as little as desired

  • Enhance current GlomCon lectures by providing a readable summary of the lecture topics.

Lecture Notes