GlomCon Interactive Fellow’ Curriculum

The GlomCon Interactive Fellows’ Curriculum is a further development of the original GlomCon Fellowship Trivia, which won the 2017 ASN Innovation in Education Award. In this new series, we continue to provide an opportunity for interested nephrology fellowship programs to participate in the creation of an engaging and unique learning experience for clinicians at all level of training and practice.

The spirit of this initiative remains the same and reflects the overall goal of the GlomCon Teaching Initiative, that is to create an inclusive community of nephrologists interested in:

  • Providing and adopting complementary teaching opportunities.
  • Enabling cross-institutional exchange of experience and treatment approaches.
  • Provide an opportunity for students and trainees to create new connections beyond the institutional or geographical barrier.
  • Inspiring the next generation of clinician workforce to pursue clinical and/or research careers to improve the care of patients with kidney disease.

Based on the tremendous feedback and encouragement we received, and to incorporate the suggestions from the participants, the GlomCon Interactive Fellows’ Curriculum will provide a topic based didactic on clinically pertinent aspects of glomerular kidney disease (diagnosis, acute, and long-term management), and take place more frequently (~twice monthly).

The goal is to cover a broad spectrum of glomerular kidney disorders during a 12 month period, whereby each session is lead by a volunteering nephrology training program and/or an expert in the field. For the most part, these sessions will be preceded by the review of the renal pathology of the given disorder as part of the GlomCon Nephropathology Essentials.

We hope this initiative can be leveraged to enhance the learning experience of trainees by putting didactic curricula into the context of real live cases and the day to day patient care.

The existing platforms within the GlomCon project, as well as additional initiatives under development, can provide a chance to increase the routine exposure of trainees to the diversity of glomerular disease presentations, learn about center specific approaches, and engage with colleagues and experts in the field in a more direct and engaging manner.  As this initiative has also been attended by more junior trainees and students, we hope to spark curiosity among medical students, residents, and fellows and create connections for them to engage in scholarly pursuits to improve the care of patients with kidney disease.


  • One-hour long sessions.

  • Volunteering Nephrology Programs and/or “invited experts in the field” lead the session on a rotating basis.

  • The topic of each session is according to a layed out curriculum for the year and covers the ACGME defined requirements for nephrology trainees.

  • Goal is to enhance practical knowledge for the care of patients with glomerular kidney disease.

  • Live audience responses system is incorporated and participants polled for each question.

  • Key teaching points are reviewed and additional panel discussion held at the end of the session.

  • At the end of the academic year (each July/August), participants will receive 1 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit by Harvard Medical School for each session attended.


Tuesday’s 11 am eastern time (Boston, U.S.A.)

Equipment needed

High speed internet, Display screen and audio device. Microphone is optional but recommended.

You are a training program, or GN expert, or renal pathologist, or nephrology education enthusiast, and would like to lead a session?

Fantastic! Please contact us at [email protected] and we would be delighted to see additional colleagues get actively involved!

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Glomerular Disease Case Conference

The Glomerular Disease Case Conference is the equivalent of “Tumor Review Boards” in clinical oncology. Every other week we meet online to discuss cases of glomerular disease through live video chat.  Participants are nephrologists, nephro-pathologist, healthcare providers, and researchers with an interest in glomerular kidney disease.
Anyone can submit a case from his/her practice, and anyone can sign up to start the discussion.

Selection of cases is simple:
ANY case has a valuable teaching point: If you have a patient with any type of glomerular disease, just submit for group discussion. We all will learn!
Any case you would be curious to know the opinion of your colleagues.
Any diagnostic dilemmas (there are many).
Any therapeutic dilemmas (there are even more).

By participating, you acknowledge:
No personal identifiable information to be exchanged during sessions.
Case discussions are solely for the purpose of education.
Any diagnostic or treatment decision is the sole responsibility of the treating physician.

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