An Update on the Classification & Pathologic Diagnosis of MGRS Lesions

Dr. Samih Nasr

Pathology Imaging and Informatics as the Cornerstone of Precision Medicin

Dr. Jeffrey B. Hodgin

Computational Nephropathology: From Basics to Applications

Dr. John Tomaszewski | Dr. Scott Doyle | Dr. Pinaki Sarder

Development and validation of a renal risk score in ANCA-associated glomerulonephritis

Prof. Thorsten Wiech

Molecular Risk Prediction in ANCA-Associated Crescentic Glomerulonephritis

Dr. Benjamin A. Adam

Mechanics of Podocyte Foot Process Effacement

Dr. Shreeram Akilesh

Seminars in Nephropathology

A Joint Venture Between GlomCon and the Renal Pathology Society

This new webinar series brings together two successful organizations with a common goal of improving and disseminating the knowledge of glomerular kidney diseases. The Renal Pathology Society promotes excellence in diagnosis and research and encourages training and education in renal disease to its members around the world. This series’ curriculum focuses on research in renal pathology and new technologies applied to renal pathology, including image analytics, machine learning, multi-‘omics, and computational pathology approaches to renal biopsy analyses. Through this collaboration with GlomCon, the RPS is committed to promoting excellence in the diagnosis of glomerular disease and to bringing the breakthrough innovations in this field to the GlomCon community, which as of May 2019 represents more than 2200 clinicians and pathologists from 108 countries.

2019/2020 Curriculum